eBook “The Future of Customer Engagement and Loyalty”


Against the backdrop of the global pandemic, multinational companies are acutely aware that customer engagement and ongoing loyalty is critical to business expansion and competitiveness. 

As the digital transformation accelerates, companies that embrace a customer-first culture and integrate loyalty programmes as a core business function are more likely to achieve a faster return on their investments.

Collinson in collaboration with Salesforce, is pleased to present "The Future of Customer Engagement and Loyalty" eBook, which uncovers the loyalty strategies and tactics that companies across the region are employing today and investing in for the future.

Key insights include:

  • 55% said that their companies spend $5 million or more annually on loyalty programmes.

  • 63% feel the most common benefit of implementing a customer loyalty programme is extracting additional customer value. This is closely followed by improved customer analysis and branding.

  • 47% said that their loyalty programmes delivered a positive ROI within three years.

  • 61% plan to invest heavily in technology infrastructure over the next 2 years.

  • 64% see a seamless customer experience as the most promising way of increasing returns from loyalty programmes.